Top Things To Do on the Gili Islands

   As beautiful as it is, I promise you that there’s plenty more to Indonesia than just Bali. So opt for something a little different on the Gili Islands in the Lombok region. 

   The Gili Islands are like Bali’s chilled out brother (yes, it’s possible). But there’s still plenty to see here – mainly in the island’s waters.

What should you do here? Well, first of all, a snorkel tour is unmissable. As is sunbathing on the island’s blissful beaches, and appreciating the area’s marine life at the turtle sanctuary. Not only that, but the Gili Islands are some of the best places in Indonesia for kayaking. 

   Or, for a more relaxed activity, I suggest attending a yoga class for total rejuvenation. Look, I’m not even a keen yogi, but there’s just something about being in this part of the world that makes me want to get involved. The Yoga Garden on Gili T is a popular option, though Sunset Beach Yoga is a personal fave.